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TAMARACK GROVE ENGINEERING, PLLC is a structural engineering firm that opened for business in Boise, Idaho in May of 2007. The primary area of focus and expertise of Tamarack Grove Engineering is to first and foremost keep the client’s needs in mind at all times. Tamarack Grove Engineering will always strive to meet all of our client’s expectations and schedules. We place a very important emphasis on ‘attention to detail’ and ‘follow-up’ and apply it with every client. Tamarack Grove Engineering values building relationships each and every day. Tamarack Grove Engineering continues to grow to meet the needs of a diversified clientele.


At TAMARACK GROVE ENGINEERING, PLLC we strive to provide valued engineering services and great communication skills that result in customer trust and satisfaction. Tamarack Grove Engineering continues to grow and provide for the current and future needs of our clients. Our goal is to deliver the highest professional quality engineering services at competitive rates. Through the completion of this goal,Tamarack Grove Engineering will continue to earn each customer’s trust and satisfaction on a project-by-project basis.


Managing Member
Employees – 25
  • Total Professional Engineers 1
  • E.I.T. – Engineers 12
  • Designers/Draftsmen 4
  • Administration 3
  • Interns – 5 BSU Interns
E&O Insurance
  • $2,000,000 Liability Coverage
Main Office

812 S. La Cassia Dr.
Boise, Idaho 83705
(208) 345-8941 Business Phone
(208) 345-8946 Business Fax
Contact: Brian J. Sielaff, P.E., S.E., P.Eng.
Email: brian.sielaff@tamarackgrove.com
Web: http://www.tamarackgrove.com

Brian J. Sielaff, P.E., S.E., P.Eng. – MANAGING MEMBER

Mr. Sielaff started TAMARACK ENGINEERING, PLLC in May of 2007. He brought twelve years of prior experience in the structural engineering field to Tamarack Grove Engineering. Today, his experience extends beyond a total of fifteen years within the industry. He specializes in building design, design development, project management, and construction administration. He currently oversees all work, production, and client relationships.

Areas of his experience include building design of steel structures, concrete design, heavy timber and log home construction design, reinforced masonry design, light gauge metal framing design, sandwich panel design, walk-in cooler design and lateral element design.

Mr. Sielaff works with clients, owners, architects, building officials and general contractors on a daily basis. He and his wife, Bonnie, share the joy of raising their five children, Hayden, Landon, Dawson, Ella and Olson.


Master of Science – Civil Engineering, Structural Emphasis, 2000, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering, 1996, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
– Civil Engineering, 1990-1995, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho


Idaho (10204), Texas (94467), Montana (17170), California (76893), Kentucky (27420), Wyoming (10600), New Jersey (24GEO4583100), Nebraska (E-11918), Pennsylvania (PE 073758), Delaware (14574), New Mexico (17487), Kansas (20525), Washington (43821), Wisconsin (41146-006), Oregon (79703PE), Virginia (402044037), Colorado (41126), Nevada (18961), Arizona (46035), Utah (6693708-2202PE), Utah (6693708-2203SE), Michigan (6201057131), Massachusetts (48640), North Carolina (PE 034068), Missouri (PE 2008030646), Tennessee (116834), Alaska (AEL C 11985), Florida (69569), Georgia (PE 034025), New York (087979-1), Kansas (20525), Iowa (19649), Louisianna (35489), Maryland (40038), Connecticut (28259), South Carolina (30212), Hawaii (*), Illinois (62067451), Canadian Provinces: MB (37069), SK (31540), BC (155580), AB (M172804), ON (100209189), **NCEES (23761)

(* Peer Review Engineer)

** National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES-#23761)


Bonnie Sielaff, Financial Manager
Email: Bonnie.Sielaff@TamarackGrove.com
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Bonnie Sielaff


Doug Hardin, P.E./Project Manager (Commercial)
Email: Doug.Hardin@TamarackGrove.com
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Doug Hardin


Peter Nussbacher, E.I. / Project Manager (Cooler Boxes)
Email: Peter.Nussbacher@TamarackGrove.com
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Peter Nussbacher


Jason DiFuria, CAD Operator
Email: Jason.DiFuria@TamarackGrove.com
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Alex Schamber, Office Administration
Email: Alex.Schamber@TamarackGrove.com
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Alex Schamber


Caitlin De Rocher, Engineering Intern, Project Manager (Timber Frame, SIPs)
Email: Caitlin.DeRocher@TamarackGrove.com
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David Goretoy, Structural Intern, Project Manager (Timber Frame, SIPs)
Email: David.Goretoy@TamarackGrove.com
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Jose Lopez, E.I. / Project Manager (Log Homes, Residential)
Email: Jose.Lopez@TamarackGrove.com
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Jose Lopez


Tyler Maier, Structural Intern, Project Manager (Log Homes, Residential)
Email: Tyler.Maier@TamarackGrove.com
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Tyler Maier


Brendon Collins, Structural Intern, Project Manager (Commercial)
Email: Brendon.Collins@TamarackGrove.com
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Brendon Collins


Jeff Hershberger, Project Manager (Residential Division)
Email: Jeff.Hershberger@TamarackGrove.com
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Dimitri Rebich, Project Manager (Commercial, Residential)
Email: Dimitri.Rebich@TamarackGrove.com
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Dimitri Rebich


Denis Bukhantsov, CAD Technician
Email: Denis.Bukhantsov@TamarackGrove.com
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Denis Bukhantsov


Andrew Smith, Engineering Intern
Email: Andrew.Smith@TamarackGrove.com
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Michael Allison, Engineering Intern
Email: Michael.Allison@TamarackGrove.com
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Garrett Davis, Engineering Intern
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