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Tamarack Grove Hires 3 Key Personnel

TGE Adds Director of Operations, HR Manager, and Architectural Associate

Boise, Idaho: Tamarack Grove Engineering added three key, strategic hires to their team in the first quarter of 2021. The Director of Operations and the Human Resources Manager will drive the administration team and lead the organization to new heights. The Architectural Associate is an integral part of the expanding architecture department and has made an immediate impact.

Brian Liquin, Director of Operations, brings over 20 years of experience in the industry to Tamarack Grove. Starting his career as a project engineer, he eventually made his way into business development and most recently fulfilled the role of Director of Pre-Development. Brian has managed every aspect of the construction process, including preliminary site research, due diligence, agency approvals, design development, construction documents, and permitting. He brings an exciting energy to Tamarack Grove as he begins to develop the financial, operations, and marketing areas of the business.

Celeste Sweet, Human Resources Manager, joins Tamarack Grove after working in various industries for the past 30 years. Her expertise in human resources provides the opportunity to develop each person at Tamarack Grove into strong leaders, effective communicators, and efficient team members. Celeste is a native Idahoan and enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and six grandkids.

Tim Collins, Architectural Associate, brings over 25 years of experience to the rapidly growing architecture team at Tamarack Grove. With his experience and training, Tim strives to provide creative solutions and foster synergy with clients, consultants, and fellow team members. His favorite outdoor activity is mountain biking and he looks forward to experiencing all that Idaho has to offer in the outdoors.

About Tamarack Grove Engineering: Tamarack Grove’s roots were planted in 2007 out of the opportunity to serve a need within the industry, and a desire to lead with purpose and just do things differently. Their client-centric approach to design and problem-solving along with the way they build authentic relationships results in a greater experience for their clients and people.


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