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Project Success Through Partnership


Project success is directly linked to the ability to solve the specific challenges that a client may face on a project. The more knowledgeable and experienced the team, the more seamless the integration of disciplines from initiation through design, permitting, and construction. A strong partnership between a client and consultant working together allows them to work toward a common goal. Established partnerships bring value to every phase of a project ensuring that it remains on schedule, meets budget requirements, and results in a finished project delivered to a satisfied client. The best partnerships foster growth and demand accountability while providing autonomy for each team member to contribute at their highest level and do what they do best.


Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes (Golden Eagle) designs custom residential log and timber homes from 300SF cabins to 20,000SF homes. They originally approached Tamarack Grove Engineering (TGE) seeking a structural engineering partner with expertise in milled log/timber frame design with licensure throughout North America who could meet an aggressive (and desired) two-week plan turnaround time. TGE worked closely with Golden Eagle to develop a process that allowed them to hone their turnaround time to a consistent two weeks, well above the industry average. Together the TGE/Golden Eagle team has worked in over 44 states and Canada for over a decade on hundreds of successful projects, establishing a solid national reputation for each, respectively.


One of the team’s biggest challenges involved a project in California, a state where it can take years to get a project permitted due to regulations. The project was originally designed under the 2016 California code that cycle. Mid-way through the long permitting process, California updated to the 2019 California code cycle requiring a redesign to meet the prevailing code cycle.

TGE’s experience working with so many different jurisdictions gave them the ability to understand

different code cycles and react quickly to adjust. The firms worked hand in hand to address and resolve new issues to keep the project moving. “Because TGE is so familiar with how we work and our end product, the plans are solid. We don’t waste time submitting incomplete or incorrect plans that get kicked back by the permitting department. Even when faced with roadblocks, TGE is easy to work with and flexible," said Golden Eagle’s Mike Bachinski, Design Manager.

“Because TGE is so familiar with how we work and our end product, the plans are solid. We don’t waste time submitting incomplete or incorrect plans that get kicked back by the permitting department. Even when faced with roadblocks, TGE is easy to work with and flexible.” — Mike Bachinski, Golden Eagle


Despite the years of experience working together, the two firms still encounter challenges — ones they undertake together. Log-home construction is unique. With a national log-home portfolio, both Golden Eagle and TGE operate in multiple jurisdictions with differing codes and compliance requirements. Early on, they invested in working together to develop solutions for typical and potential challenges inherent to working nationally as a team.

Brian J. Sielaff, P.E., S.E., P.Eng. TGE CEO/Managing Member states “As a relationship-driven firm, we encourage every member of our team to build genuine relationships with our clients, gain an understanding of their needs, work together to bring solutions to challenges, and always be a resource whether we are working on an active project or not.” Part of that partnership is a responsiveness and willingness to lend expertise and assistance even when a query is out-of-scope.

“We can call TGE anytime, with any kind of question, and they take time to help find the answer,”

said Golden Eagle’s Tim Skala, designer.

“Clients and developers are also encouraged to call TGE directly with questions as they act as a committed part of our team through project completion.” The real value of a partnership built on time and trust is that each party knows what to expect from the other. “TGE has become so entrenched in Golden Eagle’s process that we view them as an extension of our own team,” said Bachinski.

Transparency and communication are, and have always been, vital to the relationship. “We’ve created a unique dialogue with Golden Eagle. We both know how important open and constant communication are to doing our best work,” said Tyler Maier, E.I., Project Engineer, TGE.

Whatever the challenge, Golden Eagle and TGE have created a relationship based on loyalty and

trust forming a strategic partnership that has allowed each firm to grow, build reputation, and expand geographical reach – often together.

“We wouldn’t have the presence we have, particularly in the western states without TGE. We need them and their expertise,” said Skala. “Relying on this purposefully-forged relationship, our team is able to maintain consistency of quality, production, and turnaround time, no matter where a project is located.”

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