By Ruchin Khadka, E.I., M.S.


Recently titanium alloy bars (TiABs) have been gaining popularity in civil engineering applications. They offer good deformation capacity, better fatigue performance, high-strength-to-weight ratio, lighter weight (60% that of steel), and excellent corrosion resistance. Recently, TiABs were used in the strengthening of two bridges in Oregon to increase the shear and flexural capacities of the concrete beams. The research in this paper quantifies some common mechanical properties of TiABs using experimental investigation. This is done to explore suitability of the material for wider applications in civil infrastructure. The four types of testing conducted in accordance with ASTM standards included tension, hardness, Charpy V-Notch, and galling tests. Samples of 150 ksi (1034 MPa) high strength steel were also tested for comparison. Test results showed good performance of TiABs. Analytical models are proposed for stress-strain and toughness-temperature relationships.

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Ruchin Khadka, E.I., M.S.

Ruchin holds a master’s degree in civil engineering with concentration in structures from Idaho State University. During his graduate studies, he researched material testing of steel, aluminum, titanium, wood, concrete etc. and researched and tested full scale SCIPs Panels. He was also involved in Red Hill “I” restoration project at ISU. He currently works in our manufacturing market sector and plays an essential role in providing high-quality products in a timely manner. 


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