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Lucas Rodrigues Vieira Makes History at Tamarack Grove Engineering


Boise, Idaho, July 2023

Lucas Rodrigues Vieira Makes History at Tamarack Grove Engineering

Tamarack Grove Engineering (TGE) has an exciting achievement to celebrate, and that’s Lucas Rodrigues Vieira, P.E., S.E., Project Engineer, becoming the first licensed Structural Engineer (S.E.) for the firm. As the firm celebrates its 20th anniversary, this is a great milestone that provides many opportunities going forward. To recognize this accomplishment, Duncan Robertson, the firm’s Business Development and Marketing Manager, interviewed Lucas to hear more about the journey to become a licensed Structural Engineer.

1. TGE: What made you interested in pursuing your S.E. license?

Lucas: I wanted to get more familiar with code books and fill knowledge gaps I had. Knowing that the S.E. test covered all aspects of structural engineering I was interested in, I felt like taking the test and pursuing this license was the best way to force myself to study and improve myself as a structural engineer.

2. TGE: What does it mean to be Tamarack Grove’s first licensed S.E.?

Lucas: It’s a great honor and I’m very appreciative of the resources TGE offers for those pursuing this license. I hope I can inspire and encourage more engineers to follow this path.

3. TGE: What would you say to others interested in pursuing this license?

Lucas: It’s definitely a commitment because there are a lot of studying hours required to pass this test. However, I believe it’s worth it since one will become a better structural engineer by preparing for the test. We have a lot of resources available in our company to help our engineers prepare for this test, so why not be a better version of yourself?

4. TGE: What types of projects are you most excited about getting into as a result of holding your S.E.?

Lucas: I still need some years of experience and mentoring in order to get into more complex projects, but I’d love to work on some high-rise buildings and podium structures in the future.

5. TGE: Do you have any other comments on getting your S.E. license?

Lucas: It was one of the best feelings of my life getting this license. After studying hundreds of hours and failing at my first attempt, it took a lot of commitment and motivation to do it all over again knowing that the result may not be what you expected again. I’m very grateful for having someone at home, my wife Emily, that supported and encouraged me through months of preparation. After all, it felt really good knowing that all this hard work paid off!

The process to become a licensed professional and/or structural engineer is not for the faint of heart. As Lucas reflected, it’s a process that takes hundreds of study hours in addition to the hours it takes to actually sit for the exam.

Doug Hardin, Tamarack Grove’s Director of Engineering, had this to say when asked about the accomplishment and what it means to the firm:

“Lucas getting his S.E. license is a tremendous asset to TGE. It helps expand the capabilities and offerings to our clients as well as comes with next level knowledge on structural engineering principals. This helps not only on projects but also to further educate and mentor the rest of the staff at TGE.” - Doug Hardin, P.E., Director of Engineering, Commercial Market Sector Leader, Principal

After years of hard work, dedication, and continuous learning, Lucas has successfully surpassed this significant milestone in his career. The S.E. license is a symbol of his expertise and commitment to ensuring safety and excellence in every structural project he takes on. With this accomplishment, Lucas has set a new standard for rising structural engineers at TGE, showing them that with perseverance, passion, and determination, hard work can pay off.

We are eager to witness the continued impact of his exceptional structural engineering skills in communities across Idaho and beyond. Lucas’s team leader, Bikash Sigdel, P.E., was excited about the recent accomplishment and what it means for the future of TGE:

“Lucas obtaining his S.E. license is a significant milestone for TGE. It demonstrates his commitment to professional growth and expertise, adding immense value to our team. With his new qualification, we can tackle complex engineering challenges with confidence and precision while improving project turnaround time, particularly for projects requiring S.E. stamps.” – Bikash Sigdel, P.E., Manufacturing Market Sector Leader, Engineering Manager

In 2003, Brian Sielaff founded Tamarack Grove to do things differently in an industry that had become transactional. Focusing on relationships, Sielaff slowly grew the business from working by himself in his homemade backyard office, to a company of 40 people with licensure across North America, including all of the United States, most of Canada, and multiple territories throughout the Caribbean. When asked about Lucas’s accomplishment, Brian couldn’t hold back about how proud he is of Lucas and what this means for a firm that started small, with big dreams 20 years ago:

“One of my goals when I started Tamarack Grove Engineering 20 years ago was to eventually have S.E. licensure within the firm. As the company grew and more time was required of me to work on the business as well as in the business, I soon learned that I had to shift my focus to empower others to get it. Lucas’s hard work and commitment in obtaining his S.E. licensure is a huge asset to our company. It will open many doors for him as he continues to guide himself through his career. I am very proud of Lucas for what he has accomplished and I look forward to how it will benefit Tamarack Grove Engineering. – Brian J. Sielaff, P.E., P.Eng, CEO/Managing Member

Learn more about Tamarack Grove's team by visiting and reach out today to learn about the difference the TGE team can make with the addition of a new S.E. license!


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