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Tamarack Grove Achieves Record-Breaking Q1 Performance

Tamarack Grove Engineering, a trailblazing structural engineering and design firm, has just wrapped up its best first quarter to date. The team's commitment to excellence, drive to put relationships first, client-centric approach, and innovative problem solving have propelled them to new heights. From the growing Boise area to projects spanning across North America, Tamarack Grove Engineering has left an unmistakable mark on the industry. "At Tamarack Grove, it is so exciting to see how our company gets better each and every year with our people, processes, and accountability. As a result, our company just had our best ever Q1 in the history of our company. Having the right people, in the right seats is not just a phrase out of a book. It is truth and it takes intentionality to pull it off. Our company is going to do amazing things this year. I am honored and humbled to be working alongside some of the best people, clients, and vendors in the country. Together, we can." - Brian J. Sielaff, P.E., P.Eng Tamarack Grove Engineering CEO/Managing Member Director of Engineering, Doug Hardin, echoed the sentiment "It was with a lot of intentionality that Tamarack Grove went into 2024 and it paid off. TGE had the best quarter it ever had and that is due to the hard work of the team as well as the intentionality and accountability that EOS brought to the team. We are continuing to strive to get better, or go beyond as some would say as we focus on building relationships and serving those around us!" With the record breaking Q1 now in the books, Tamarack Grove Engineering looks forward to even greater achievements this coming year.

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About Tamarack Grove Engineering

Tamarack Grove specializes in manufacturing, commercial, facilities, and modular markets serving clients throughout North America by providing responsive, safe, and trusted engineering design solutions of the highest quality and integrity. For information on how the firm can help you on your next project or to inquire about hiring opportunities, contact TGE's HR Manager, Celeste Sweet.


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