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When operations are shut down, the bottom line can be critically affected and every day that goes

by can cost a business not only money but damage to reputation. Tamarack Grove Engineering (TGE) clients expect a highly knowledgeable and responsive team to keep them running smoothly and efficiently, whether in response to a hazardous situation or routine maintenance. A dedicated engineering consultant can save time and money and keep you up and running by providing:


Immediate assistance to address:

  • Response to natural disaster

  • Hazardous conditions

  • Safety and well-being issues

  • Restoring operations


Ongoing oversite and consultant services to maintain and facilitate operations:

  • Regularly scheduled site assessment

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Structural consulting on operations efficiency


TGE has forged long term relationships with firms across the nation as their dedicated structural engineering consultant providing key assessment and resolution of conditions in the event of emergency situations and for ongoing maintenance issues. These relationships with valued clients build great familiarity with the client and their operations and expectations, and drive TGE

response time to under 48 hours in the event of an operations shut down or a life safety issue. For longer lead, non-hazardous circumstances, active communication with the client and a scheduled response time is guaranteed within two weeks.

For long term clients, the response process is streamlined. As their sole-source engineer for all

sites regionally or nationwide, staff at site locations contact TGE directly and the team is at-the-ready to assess the situation and respond to any level of need. A competitive pricing structure and lump sum pricing for clientele let each client know what to expect and budget accordingly. This collaborative relationship allows TGE to be highly competitive with local engineers’ pricing.

Additional benefits of TGE as engineer of choice allows:

  • Consistent and customized reporting

  • Scheduled follow up

  • Tracking of deferred maintenance

  • Accountability with a key point of contact for each client

  • Committed level of service

Refer to TGE’s article “Turning Thousands Lost into Thousands Gained” for case studies detailing TGE’s expertise and responsiveness to the client’s operational challenges. Contact Doug Hardin, P.E. to see if you could benefit by having TGE as your engineer for local, regional, and national locations.

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